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Your Health is our Passion!

Our Mission: Why We Have Created MedNa (Medicina Natural)

Our primary mission is to responsibly and purposefully introduce the scientifically advanced knowledge of natural Herbal Medicine to each of you as an effort to shift your mindset to the clarity and balance obtained through natural living and traditional, natural medicine. This knowledge will enhance the quality of your life and the communities you live in bringing about a higher, more complete and healthy state of mind and body.

We seek to change communities by guiding you, the individual, into a healthier state of being through Traditional natural Medicine principles and treatment methods. This enables you to fulfill your life purpose by acting upon your personal talents with the freedom that great health affords you. We will support and empower each of you through the education of understanding your emotional state and physical health. This will help you to follow through with making necessary changes through the utilization of our Natural Herbal Treatment Therapies, being a catalyst and supporter of proper health and longevity.

At MedNa our mission is to bring the scientifically advanced knowledge of Natural Herbal Medicine to the public eye so that it may be utilized to its full potential in the process of healing. Our truest intent is to be a source of strength and quality in the field, maintaining or improving the level of care, accessibility, treatment capacity, success rate, practitioner quality, education and research.

Our Goals: What's On The Horizon

Our goal is to eventually offer education through our website on healthier lifestyle decisions and habits through forums and on-line classes. In these classes you can learn about healthy lifestyle decisions and habits such as with diet, life and health. We will be adding new articles on specific natural Herbs, case studies and acupoints therapy.

Our Values: Who We Are

The values and principles that guide our thoughts and actions are:

  • Kindness and Respect
  • Choice and Accountability
  • Truth, Awareness and Education
  • The Ability to Change promoting Growth
  • Wisdom
  • The Best Quality of Service in Our Field
  • Commitment
  • Health in Natural Living and Healing